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President of Melkonian Global Overture
Visionary Founder of Melkonian High School

Arsine Shirvanian is a proud mother of 3, an activist and a professional business woman. Arsine Shirvanian is the founder of Melkonian Global Overture (MGO) which is committed to creating innovative enrichment platforms to educate and empower the Armenian youth globally. She continually lobbies to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding Armenian historical and iconic treasures and institutions throughout the world. She owned and operated her design company until 2014. She then joined her family business, real estate development company. She is a graduate of UCLA with a B.S. in psychology.





Co-Founder of Melkonian High School

Maro Najarian Yacoubian, born in Ohio, is a devoted mother of 4 children who have all attended Armenian schools. Since the mid 1980’s Maro has dedicated herself to Medical Outreach for Armenians, an organization established by her family to help improve the military hospitals in both Yerevan and Karabagh. She serves on the AMAA orphan care committee, a project first created by her mother in response to the devastating 1988 earthquake. Maro is an attorney licensed in Connecticut. She has worked at the United Nations and the Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is currently serving as a Commissioner for the City of Glendale, Transportation and Parking.

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