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  • What is a charter school?
    A charter school is a public school established by teachers, parents, and community groups and funded by taxpayers. A charter school has unique focus areas, such as multiple language studies, including Armenian, French, Spanish, and more. The Board of Directors of the charter school and the Principal oversee the curriculum and day-to-day operations.
  • Why choose charter?
    A charter school is tuition free because it is funded by the state like a public school. Still, charter schools enjoy the best of both worlds (public and private). Similar to a private school, a charter school has a governing board that has the authority to oversee the curriculum and manage day-to-day operations. Additionally, a charter school has healthy funding to offer programs for athletics and special education. There is also a budget allocated for personal development, technological, and skill-based training for teachers and faculty.
  • When will Melkonian High School open?
    If the charter petition is approved, the school will open in August of 2022.
  • How can parents submit an application of intent to enroll?
    Parents can submit an application of intent to enroll through MHS’ website.
  • When will enrollment open?
    The anticipated date for open enrollment is January 2022.
  • How is MHS different from other schools?
    MHS will offer students a global approach to their studies. MHS will be the first and only school in the surrounding districts that will offer students a number of global language courses such as Armenian, French, and Spanish. In addition to the UC A-G requirements, MHS will offer CTE education. This is a program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.
  • Why is parent and community fundraising imperative?
    While the state provides funding for basic high school programs and courses, it is crucial to have parent and community support to raise funds for additional programs and courses. Such programs include faculty enrichment training, a wider array of Advanced Placement courses, competitive arts and athletics programs, and more.
  • Where is the location of the school?
    The proposed location for MHS is Tujunga, California.
  • Will MHS have an open campus?
    MHS will be a closed campus, equipped with a security guard to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Will MHS have a school uniform?
    MHS will implement a uniform policy.
  • What if the charter doesn’t come through?
    If MHS's charter petition is denied, an immediate resubmission of the petition will be initiated.
  • Have teachers, faculty, and principal been hired?"
    When the charter is officially approved, job opportunities will be posted on All candidates for principal, faculty, and administrative staff will have equal opportunity to apply for each position.
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