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Head of Budgeting

Goldie Galstjan is the co-CEO for  Lien On Me, Inc., managing bill review nationally and lien defense in California. Goldie started her career over 30 years ago at David Morse & Associates as an admin then excelled in their marketing department. Goldie has held various management and sales positions throughout her career. The past 24 years of her career has been in the Managed Care and Cost Containment Industry.  In 2005, Goldie joined the Lien On Me team as a Client Service Manager and was quickly promoted to Director of Account Management and subsequently VP of Sales & Marketing. In April 2016, she became co-CEO/co-owner of Lien On Me, Inc. Goldie oversees corporate governance and is responsible for overall stewardship meetings, business development and marketing strategies at Lien On Me.  Goldie has extensive experience with public agencies and understanding of their high medical exposures, as well as the complexity of public agency dealings. Thisexperience has led to great achievements by maneuvering various strategies for successful outcomes to both her public and private agency clientele. Goldie excels in managing, training, negotiating, and developing products and services, as well as implementing and managing accounts. Goldie's passion, strong relationships and reputation assures her clients the best level of service. Goldie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management from California State University, Los Angeles.



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